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Ladies Clothing Alterations

Zippys are specialists in all kinds of alterations for ladies clothing including the following;Ladies Clothing Alterations in Dublin

  • Dresses – shortened, taken in, shoulder lift, strap shortening, zip replacements, bust line alteration, under-arm
  • Blouses – cuffs shortened, hem shortened, darted, button-holes
  • Skirts – zip replacement, lining repair, hem, waist in
  • Jackets – shortened, cuffs shortened, taken in, shoulder lift, button replacement, zip replacement, lining repair and lining replacement
  • Coats – same as for jackets
  • Trousers (includes jeans) – legs tapered, hem shortened, waist in and out, buttons replaced, lining repair, jeans stud replacement
  • Handbag zips replaced depending on style and shape
  • Boot and Bag zips replaced
  • Repairs to bikinis, swimwear, bras, studs